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Instant Job Costing Software for Flooring Dealers

Never lose money on a job again.

Job Cost on the Spot

Job costing through QPro Software is quick, accurate, and convenient. The job costing window pops up right in the sales screen when you are filling out a proposal or invoice. That means that before you even give the proposal to the customer, you can doublecheck to ensure you're making the margins you need in order to be profitable.

The job costing window includes information like freight costs, commissions, gross profit before and after commissions, and other important numbers.

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Integrated Retail Pricing Formulas

Our retail markup formulas help determine prices, based on company information entered during the setup process. Once the information is in the system, it makes it easy to have a solid starting point for pricing. You can even have different pricing formulas for different types of flooring materials or labor.

Make Changes on the Fly. Or Don't.

Got a customer haggling for a lower price? You can type in different pricing options right in the job costing window, and compute what profits would be. For instance, if you give them everything for 2K flat, what is your profit, once labor, commissions and other overhead costs are factored in? You can quickly check and then make the best decision, right there, on the showroom floor or customer's jobsite, before finalizing.

With QPro Lite software and its practical, user-friendly job costing, you'll never find out months later that you lost money on a sale. Wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of protection?

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To learn more about how QPro Lite's job costing works for your flooring business, schedule a guided demo.