The Latest in fcB2B Partnerships

Todd Smith

Todd Smith, B2B Manager
April 2023

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We here at QPro belong to the fcB2B organization, which is an industry organization of manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, distributors and software vendors.

On our website we have a list of vendors who are currently B2B certified with QPro and QFloors. Each vendor has their own individual link, which can provide additional information on how to communicate with them, and shows the current fcB2B documents that are certified.

See the full fcB2B list.

QPro/QFloors continues to grow our list of certified vendors/manufacturers. We receive a lot of feedback from customers who are wanting to use this technology with as many of their suppliers as possible. We’re continually adding to this list.

Here is a list of the most recent vendors to be certified:

  • LW Flooring
  • Abraham Linc

Important Notes: Phenix Accounts have been merged with Mannington Mills.

The following vendors are in pre-certification stage with QFloors/QPro:

  • L Fishman
  • Benjamin Moore & Co.
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Milliken Floor Coverings

Don’t wait or worry about implementing all the tremendous benefits of B2B. Here at QPro, we are ready to help step you through it. Please call us in regards to any fcB2B questions you may have.