Best Practices - 5 Important To Do’s for Onboarding Your New Sales Rep

Colten Gines

By Colten Gines, Director of Sales

August 2023
McKay Ashby

First, Some News:

I’m excited to introduce McKay Ashby as our new Customer Success Representative. Having been an essential part of the support/new customer care team for more than a year, McKay is eager to leverage his expertise to help elevate your business.

What makes our support team unique:

In his capacity as a Customer Success Representative, he will expertly assist you in implementing the software tools crafted for your business’ success. McKay's skills align seamlessly with this role, and we look forward to him working with all of you.

Hiring presents a wonderful opportunity to inject fresh perspectives and talent into your teams – although it does carry inherent risks (particularly in the sales field). For a retail flooring store, the addition of a new sales representative demands substantial investment and a robust onboarding process to ensure they are successful. In this article, we will delve into five crucial steps that will help you effectively onboard a new retail flooring sales representative.

5 Steps for Onboarding a New Flooring Sales Rep

Step 1: Clearly Outline Job Requirements and Expectations

As we all know, the retail flooring industry has a huge variety of flooring products and services. Because of this, it is crucial to offer a detailed job description that clearly states the sales rep’s responsibilities. This should include a comprehensive list of products and services, well-defined sales objectives and benchmarks, and customer service expectations.

Step 2: Provide Extensive Training on Your Product Lineup and Services

It’s vital for a retail flooring sales representative to know all the intricacies and advantages of specific products and services. Onboarding must include in-depth training on your different products, installation procedures, and pertinent warranty details. Furthermore, you should also offer guidance on measuring and pricing flooring items, along with effectively managing customer expectations throughout the sales journey.

Step 3: Dedicate Time to Familiarize Your Rep with Your Entire Team

When it comes to retail flooring, there needs to be a strong interdependence among sales representatives, project managers, installers, and administrative personnel. Therefore, you need to make sure your sales rep becomes familiar and comfortable with your entire team. Formally introducing them to each team member helps the sales rep start establishing relationships with everyone else. This also gives the sales rep a clearer understanding of how their role impacts everyone else in the company.

Step 4: Equip The Rep with Appropriate Sales Aids and Materials

To successfully sell flooring products, it's imperative that a new sales representative is equipped with an array of sales aids and materials. These can be product manuals, installation guides, and pricing references. Furthermore, ensuring that the new sales rep can access your company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, estimation program, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is vital. This empowers them to proficiently manage leads, customer information, and project workflows. The more familiar your team becomes with your systems and processes, the more streamlined your business operations will be.

Step 5: Offer Continuous Encouragement and Professional Guidance

The flooring industry is in a constant state of change, characterized by the ongoing introduction of new products, cutting-edge installation techniques, and shifts in customer preferences. Because of this, you need to consistently deliver ongoing encouragement to your recently appointed sales representative, as well as your team. Conducting regular check-ins to go over the rep’s goals, strengths, needs, training, and feedback will help them to continue to grow and progress throughout the months and years.

A new retail flooring sales rep’s onboarding plays a critical part in their future performance and success. By adhering to these 5 steps, you can guarantee that your fresh recruit is thoroughly equipped, continually bolstered, and set up to excel in their new position.

Colten Gines

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