QPro Webinars: Past Insights & What’s Next

Aerin Ogden

By Aerin Ogden, Director of Marketing

August 2023

This year, we’ve been trying to roll out more free training webinars for our QPro customers. These webinars are a great opportunity to get hands-on training, ask questions, and get the latest development updates. We typically email our customers invites to these webinars and announce them on our QPro Users Facebook Group page a few weeks in advance. (If you haven’t been receiving our emails, you might want to refer to my last QNews article here.)

We’ve had two QPro webinars so far this year. The great news is that if you’ve missed one or both of these webinars, you can always go back and watch them on our support site.

Updates and Transitioning to QPro 2.0

This webinar took place in March of this year. Chad and Licia talked about recent developments and also guidance for switching QPro 1 customers over to QPro 2. Since everyone is now officially switched over to QPro 2 this might not be as relatable anymore. However, know that it is still on the support site, so you can go back and review if you wish.

Product Catalog & fcB2B

Last month, Licia Bailey (Director of Engineering - Web Services), and Chad Ogden (QPro CEO) took the time to go over best practices for managing your product catalog. They also went over how to better utilize the fcB2B features within QPro. If you have questions about implementing your product catalog or fcB2B, I advise you to go over this webinar, and then reach out to us if you have any further questions.

What’s Next?

We would like to continue holding customer webinars every few months. For future webinars, we’ve talked about covering the sales confirmation screen, tidying up QPro by closing out sales, how to utilize kits and reports, using QPay with QPro, and how to connect and use QPro alongside third-party solutions like Measure Square and Skedit. We’re still finalizing our plans, but will let you know when the next webinar is coming up.

If you’d like to help us, we always appreciate your feedback. To weigh in on a webinar class you’d like to see, please fill out this webinar feedback form here. We’re always open to customer suggestions, and want to provide as much help as we can.

Final Reminders

Finally, as you attend our training webinars, I would recommend following these quick tips:

  • Please make sure your mic is muted when you enter the webinar so as not to distract anyone.
  • Don’t forget we have a Q&A feature enabled where you can type and ask questions. I know it can feel a little intimidating to participate sometimes, but we love answering your questions and comments! Our best webinars are those that have a lot of participation from attendees.
  • Not familiar with Zoom Webinar participant controls and options? I’d review this article here.
  • If you sign up for the webinar, even if you don’t physically attend, we will email you a link to the webinar 1-2 days after it takes place.
  • If you always want to stay on top of the latest webinars and training videos, I would bookmark this page on the support site.

Finally, just another reminder to share your feedback and let us know what’s going to be the most helpful for your training and growth. We’re excited to continue these training webinars, and hope you will join us in the future.

Aerin Ogden

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Aerin Ogden - Director of Marketing

Aerin graduated with a B.A. degree in Communications (Advertising) and a Design minor from Brigham Young University. She's the daughter of QFloors' CEO Chad Ogden and former Director of Marketing Chris Ogden, and has spent most of her lifetime around flooring and QFloors. Aerin previously worked for a digital marketing agency, and her schooling and career have helped her develop prominent skills in both digital and traditional marketing.