Update from the President

Chad Ogden

By Chad Ogden, CEO/President

August 2023

Most of you are already aware that QPro 1 has been officially discontinued, and all customers are now using QPro 2. Now that everyone is on the same version, from here on out, we will keep it easy and just refer to the software as “QPro.” It’s great to have everyone on the latest version. We feel like this has led to huge improvements in technologies and capabilities.

And development continues! A lot of small features have recently been added. Our development team is currently working on advanced product search, permissions, and the template feature. After that, we tackle all of the accounting features.

QPro is the highest development priority for us as a company, and we continue to use most of our technical resources in developing and building out this amazing product. We’ll keep our customers updated as these new features are released, via email and our private QPro Users Facebook page.

Chad Ogden

About the Author

Chad Ogden - CEO/President

Chad graduated from The University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. After rising to Director of Engineering/Software Development & nearly a decade of work experience including time with 3M and Novell, Chad took on the role of entrepreneur when he saw the need for business management software in the floor covering industry.