What is New in the World of fcB2B with QPro?

todd smith

Todd Smith, B2B Manager
April 2022

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SFTP and How It Works

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) protocol is a direction that the industry is moving to with fcB2B. QPro has upgraded our software to accommodate this new protocol. This B2B protocol is a functional part of recent QFloors and QPro upgrades.

The following is an insight as to what this protocol is and how it works:

    SFTP works by using a secure shell data stream. It establishes a secure connection and then provides a higher level of protection for data while transferring it. It uses different encryptions that help move the data and ensure that data is unread, which is being processed.

We have increased our efforts to better serve those customers using the B2B functionality in QFloors and in our Web-based version QPro .

The current vendors that have migrated or created a new system environment to use SFTP are Happy Floors, Shaw Industries, Kraus Flooring, and United Tile. Going forward we will broadcast future vendors that have been certified using SFTP protocol with QPro.

On our website we have a list of vendors who are currently B2B certified with QPro and QFloors. Each Vendor has their own individual link, which can provide additional information on how to communicate with them, and shows the current fcB2B Documents that are certified.

See the Full B2B Table.

We welcome all new vendors who have become B2B certified with QPro and those who have expanded their B2B/EDI presence.

Here is a list of the most recent vendors to be certified:

So reach out to them and request this communication and time-saving function. Full B2B Table

Important Note: The following vendors are in pre-certification stage with QFloors/QPro: LW Flooring, Horizon Forest Products, Viking Distributors Inc., LFishman.

Web Services is continuing to evolve and increase this service in our industry. A good reference for this service and ongoing updates is the fcB2B organization, which we adhere to regarding industry standards.

Web Services within QFloors is a free service to all current customers. I urge you to get on board, for your own benefit. We have videos, documentation and human resources to help you start now. You could be doing more in less time, lowering stress and raising profits.

Taking advantage of Web Services can help save time, lower stress and boost profits. Let us know if we can help you get started.

Don’t wait or worry about implementing all the tremendous benefits of B2B. Here at QFloors, we are ready to help step you through it. Please contact us in regards to any fcB2B questions.