New!! Integrated Credit Card Processing

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden - Director of Marketing
August 2021

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We are really excited to announce a new integration that will be officially released very soon! QPay is a credit card processing option that integrates with QPro. Even better, it’s an option that you can trust, with fair, straightforward rates.

As we have dug into credit card processing through the years, we’ve been dismayed by the prevalence of deceptive practices. Even at its best, charges and statements are often very confusing. So we decided to do something about it. We’ve found a solution that not only can help and protect our QPro customers, but it allows you to process credit cards remotely, AND it integrates with your QPro system. A win/win all the way around!

QPay integrates with your QPro customer accounts and payments screens, with approved payments automatically posted to the payments window.

It offers all of the typical integrated credit card options, plus enhancements such as:

  • Quick and easy plug-n-play terminal setup. Which means you don’t have to get an IT person to connect the processor to our system. (Saving you expense and time.)
  • You can process a return without the credit card present.
  • Increased security for keyed-in cards
  • Securely save credit card information in your system, with PCI compliance, to be charged at a later date, through tokens. QPay offers the option to use tokens for all major credit cards.
  • In-house product, so QPro’s responsive and caring support staff is here to help. All gateway and processing questions go through us. So you know that someone is going to pick up your phone call.
  • QPro controls pricing, so you know you will be treated fairly and honestly. Everything is very transparent.

If you are interested in learning more about QPay, please contact our sales department: 801-563-0140, option 4 (or