Meet the (New & Expanded) QPro Marketing Team

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden, Communications Specialist
August 2022

QPro Marketing Team 2022

Some of you know this, and most of you don’t. In December 2020, Chad, our daughter, and I were all hit with Covid. As is typical with this bizarre and shape-shifting disease, we reacted to Covid differently. Our daughter felt better within 24 hours. Chad felt better within 10-14 days. And I inexplicably became a Covid Long-Hauler, despite no prior health issues.

Without boring you with a lengthy list of my whac-a-mole symptoms, I’ll summarize by saying that the past 19 months have brought challenges and growth. The great news is that over just the past 3-4 months, my oxygen levels and overall health have improved. But I’m still not at my pre-Covid state. Because of this, I decided recently to start working part-time in order to prioritize health a bit more.

The beautiful silver lining to that is that we have added several talented and bright people to our Marketing & Communications team, and it is better than ever. For a long time, I was a department of one. Last year, there were 2 of us. Now we have 4 employees (or 3.5, once I start to work part-time).

Aerin Ogden is the new Marketing Director. You probably recognize the name. We luckily didn’t need to look very far to find the best candidate. We needed someone who understood not only traditional marketing and advertising methods, but also digital marketing, google rankings, SEO, website optimization and auditing, social media marketing, video editing, google analytics, and graphic design. We also needed someone familiar with the flooring industry. Finally, we needed someone who understood clearly who QFloors/QPro is as a company, with the skills to represent that brand accurately to the world.

Aerin brings all of that and more. Aerin graduated with a B.S. degree in Communications (Advertising) and a Design minor. She previously worked for a digital marketing agency, helping clients such as Budget and Avis Rental Cars with their website optimization. As our daughter, Aerin has spent most of her lifetime around flooring and QPro. Her schooling and career have helped her develop amazing skills in both digital and traditional marketing. She started working for the QFloors/QPro marketing department in Dec 2020, and took on the responsibilities as Marketing Director in May 2022. We’re glad we were able to recruit her “home”, after years of trying.

Kristian Workinger is our UX programmer intern, and helps with the QPro and QFloors websites. He gained a certificate in Full Stack Web Development from Dev Mountain, and brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He was a math teacher before studying computer programming. He has worked closely with Ryan Cluff, another programmer, to assist us in updating and maintaining our websites. Kristian loves the outdoors, working out, and country swing dance, and is originally from the San Diego area.

Tyler Burgener recently joined QFloors/QPro as the advertising and marketing campaign manager. He will be helping with social media marketing, email communications, and advertising. Tyler is currently getting a Masters in Professional Communications from Weber State University, and previously graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations. Tyler enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with his wife and young daughter. He is a huge Utah Jazz fan as well. Tyler is fairly new, but is coming up to speed quickly. We already recognize his dependability, good work ethic, and positivity.

I (Chris) will continue helping out as well, albeit part time. It is fantastic to be working with such a great team. I realize that most of our customers' interactions are with our sales or support teams, so I wanted to introduce our Marketing Team to you all, so you could put the faces with the names.