QPro Connections, the QPro Way!

Colten Gines

Colten Gines, Director of Sales
November 2022

Software User Celebrating

The right connections are critical – this is true in life, business and specifically in software. I’m not talking about riding coattails or name-dropping, I am talking about eye-to-eye synergy focused on one thing and one thing only… bringing value to the hands of our customers. Here are a few important integrations/connections you should know about:


QPay is quickly becoming the choice credit card processing option for dealers in the industry. With fair rates, excellent customer support, and the ability to post payments and run cards remotely, this is becoming a must-have for QPro users. We've received reports of dealers saving thousands of dollars in fees from using this service. If you haven’t tried out QPay, this should be a huge priority for you going into 2023.


Roomvo’s tools were created to convert leads to sales through improving the sales process. With Roomvo’s visualizer, flooring customers can see what hundreds of brands and products look like in their own rooms through AR technology. Vendors are paying for this tool, making this free-to-use for dealers, and a no-brainer to implement immediately.


MeasureSquare estimators boost close rates for our customers by adding speed and accuracy to the front stages of the sales cycle. Whether you are closing deals in the home, training a new estimator, or simply updating your professionalism, MeasureSquare provides a powerful and cost effective solution. It’s hands down the most mobile-friendly estimation software in the industry!


QPro now integrates with Skedit’s browser-based labor scheduling software. Once you create a sales order in QPro, it automatically populates in Skedit so you can quickly drag and drop to schedule the installation appointment. Skedit’s user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly app, and real-time updates make it easy for both installers and office staff.

Want more information on anything you have seen here?

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