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Integrated Credit Card Processing for Floor Covering

Truth: Credit card processing is often very confusing (and sometimes deceptive). We have spent years educating ourselves and trying to find solutions that best help and protect our QPro and QFloors customers.

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We are excited to finally be able to provide a credit card processing option that integrates with QPro, that offers fair, straight-forward rates, and that allows you to process credit cards remotely, away from the office.

In addition, QProPay integrates with the QPro payments and customer accounts screens. Approved payments are automatically posted to the QPro payments window.

And QPro’s responsive and knowledgeable support staff provides the customer support. QProPay is an in-house product, where QPro/QFloors supports everything from the shipment of terminals, to the connection of QPro to the terminals. All gateway and processing questions go through QPro support.

QProPay offers all of the typical integrated credit card processing features, plus a few advanced enhancements, such as:

  • Plug-n-play terminal setup. This means you don’t have to find an IT expert to attach the processor to our system. It’ll save tons of time, hassle, and expense.
  • Enhanced security on keyed in cards.
  • No need to have a credit card present to process a return.
  • Tokens allow you to safely save credit card information in your system to be charged at a later date. QProPay offers token options for all major credit cards, including American Express.
  • QProPay is a QFloors company product! That means we control the pricing, which should instill confidence for all customers.

To learn more about QProPay, please contact QPro sales: