Customized, Virtual Training Webinars

The Next Best Thing to Being There

Concentrated, remote training with one of our excellent QPro coaches. This is a good option when an on-site training is not feasible.

With a Virtual On-Site Training, one of our top-notch trainers will set up a webinar with your store and conduct the training from our location here in Utah. The webinar can be joined by up to 25 employees and they can exit and re-enter the webinar as needed. We can connect and show the screen of any computer connected to the webinar, allowing us to teach from your data and use examples from the viewpoint of any employee connected to the training. Also, we can record the complete webinar, providing a video to you for future reference.

The Virtual On-Site Trainings can be broken up into half-day sessions if desired. One half-day session is 4 hours. Anything over the 4 hours will be charged for a full day.

The training will include periodic breaks, as well as an hour lunch break. Choosing this option allows you to specify the number of days that you want to have the classes.


Per Half Day

(4 Hours)


Per Day

(8 Hours)

We're Here to Help

We are here to help with any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to our support department at any time.

(801) 563-0140, option 2