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Get ready to save time, as well as overhead costs with QPro's fcB2B capabilities . It reduces employees' data entry time and telephone calls, which opens up time to work on more important things. In fact, utilizing fcB2B means you can do MORE work with the same number of people! Direct connectivity with your most important flooring suppliers reduces mistakes and dropped balls, and ensures you have the most current product information.

Electronic Product Catalog Management

Quickly upload and update Price Lists and Product Catalogs directly from your supplier into QPro Lite. (Yes - this includes special pricing from territory managers.) Filling out a sales order has never been easier! Because everything is integrated, product details and retail pricing will appear on the QPro sales invoice screen as you fill it out. B2B flooring electronic transfers also show special pricing, discontinued products, etc., making your product catalog always up-to-date and accurate. It'll grant you peace of mind that you can't find anywhere else!

fcB2B screenshot

Want to Get Started?


Step One

Review fcB2B suppliers

Examine this list of fcB2B suppliers, and find which suppliers you use.

Identifying Suppliers List


Step Two

Decide where to begin

Go through the chart of Certified Vendors' current fcB2B offerings. Then decide which flooring supplier(s) you'd like to begin with for B2B transfers.

certified vendors icon


Step Three

Set up an account with the supplier

Contact the supplier directly, give them your business info, and tell them you want to start using their B2B flooring services. You can access your supplier contact information for B2B accounts by clicking on their logo on this page.

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Have questions? We are here for you!

We are here to answer any fcB2B questions (and honestly any QPro questions) you may have. Please reach out to our support department at any time if you need assistance. We'd love to ensure you're using QPro Lite's incredible features to the fullest!