Do You Know about QPay?

chad ogden

Chad Ogden, CEO/President
April 2022

qpro pay

We want to make sure everyone knows that QPay is now available for QPro users. About a year ago, QFloors released QPay, which is an integrated payments program. It’s been wildly successful with our QFloors customers, and was released recently for QPro users as well. We have one QPro customer who has been using it, and he tells us it is working well and has been awesome.

QPay provides an integrated solution for payments. It automatically logs all payments into your QPro software.

QPay is a great product that could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month. We’ve found that as our customers have switched, we’ve been able to save almost every person money from their pricing with their previous vendors. In fact, you’ll be able to pay for your QPro monthly fees just by switching. So in a sense, with QPay, you are getting QPro for free.

And in addition to the money and time savings it brings, with QPay, you’ll call us for support and help, not some random number with apathetic telephone operators. You know we’re going to pick up that phone call and that we’re going to have your back.

Here’s a video that talks a bit more about the benefits of QPay.