Is QPro Software the Right Solution for Your Flooring Business?

As someone who runs a flooring business, you've probably had days where you wish you could work more efficiently and manage your time better. With inventory, employees, leads, purchase orders, sales, commissions, etc., to worry about, there just never seems to be enough time in a day to get everything done.

QPro is a browser-based POS software made to help flooring dealers streamline operations so you can focus your time on more productive things (like growing your business or closing a sale.) With so many flooring software systems out there, how can you know if QPro is right for your business?

1. QPro is great for flooring businesses who want to streamline their operations at the most affordable price.

Are you a relatively new, growing flooring dealer who needs an affordable POS system to organize your business? Or are you a retailer who wants to transition from paper, pen, and spreadsheets, and is looking for an economical (but effective) solution?

QPro is unique because it is THE MOST affordable cloud flooring software in the industry. Hands down. You pay one implementation price for QPro and then you can choose to pay $55/month annually or $65/month month-to-month. That's it!

On the other hand, many other ERPs (business management systems) can be very costly and can include hefty add-on fees.

Don't think that because it's less expensive, QPro isn't good software. With QPro you can organize, track and streamline:

  • Inventory
  • Sales & Proposals
  • POs
  • Job Costing
  • B2B Transfers
  • Reporting
  • Sales Tax
  • Commissions
  • And more!

Simply put, QPro is a great investment for your business. It can do things that a spreadsheet or pen and paper cannot do. QPro saves you from having to scroll through numerous spreadsheets and input the same information over and over again. It ensures your overall accuracy, profitability and efficiency improves.

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2. QPro is also great for flooring businesses who already have accounting software, but want to streamline and organize front-end operations.

Do you like the accounting software you're currently using? QPro is a great solution, because you can use it alongside generic accounting software, such as QuickBooks Pro™ or QuickBooks Online™*. That way, you can still have the flooring-specific tools you need to run your business, without having to learn a brand new accounting system.

QPro does have an integration with QuickBooks Online™, where sales payment and deposit information, as well as period ending journal entries, can be carried over. QPro customer payments can also be merged and posted to QuickBooks Online™ as deposits.

If you have QuickBooks Pro™, at the end of each period, you can ensure your numbers are accurate by utilizing QPro's journal entry report.

For more information on these integrations, visit this page.

*Quickbooks™ is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.

3. QPro is great for flooring businesses that need a mobile and flexible solution

Are you someone who constantly needs remote access to your business' information? Whether you're at a job site, on a trip, or at home for the night, QPro 's unique browser-based technology works on any device with an internet connection. (Yes - that means you can use it on an ipad, laptop, desktop computer, phone, etc.)

QPro was designed from the onset to be used in a web browser, unlike many other software systems that were initially developed as an installed program and who are now trying to copy and paste code to make it sort of work in a cloud environment.

QPro customer, Larry Bertrand from Okoboji Flooring in Okoboji, IA, had this to say about what the business software has done for his flooring business.

QPro has completely changed the layout of our store. We no longer have a front desk or a cash register. Each employee walks around with a tablet and accesses QPro from any computer. We can sit down with a customer and write their flooring estimate or type up their furniture order. And it is still accessible even from the customer's home and takes payments. It's incredibly easy and we have loved switching to QPro.

With QPro, you can have peace of mind knowing that wherever you are in the world, you can jump on and access your store at a moment's notice. Learn more about QPro's browser-based technology today.

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QPro is great for tech-savvy innovators who want to invest and help build the future of flooring software.

Are you someone who likes to reap the rewards of cutting-edge automation before the rest of the industry catches on? If you are an innovator who is passionate about technology in the flooring space, QPro is for you.

Because QPro is a newer cloud flooring software, you'll be involved in the development process, and can have a say in the technology of the future. With API integration capabilities, new technological enhancements, and a knowledgeable team of programmers behind the product, the possibilities with QPro are endless….and you'll get to play a part in it.

Not to mention, being an early adopter means you are the first to try out new features, integrations, automations, and more. You'll always be at the forefront of the flooring industry when it comes to technological solutions, keeping plenty ahead of your competition.

Still wondering if it's a match? Let's talk!

With flooring specific features, a ridiculously affordable price, browser-based cloud technology, and growing innovation, QPro can be a great solution. If you're still wondering if QPro is right for you and your operation, please reach out to us. We can discuss whether it meets your company's goals and needs.

Please email us at, schedule a free demo, or call us at 801-563-0140.

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