Pricing & Plans for QPro Flooring POS+ Business Management Software

Surprisingly Affordable. Easily Scalable. Incredibly Useful.

Business management software doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With QPro POS+, you can be confident that your flooring company is getting a powerful front-end software system at a very affordable price.

Not to mention, QPro is browser-based, meaning you don’t have to worry about the expensive IT costs that come from setting up and maintaining servers and networks. So having QPro will actually save you A TON of money in the long run.


At QPro Software, our number one priority is to help your business improve operations, increase profits, and grow more successful. Implementation can seem scary because of the learning curve. However, the more time you take to learn and set up the software, the more it’ll be worth it for you in the end (and honestly - it’s very user-friendly). And don’t think you’ll be on your own - we will be here every step of the way to ensure you correctly utilize and understand the software. With our unmatched customer service team, a library of training videos, and onsite training options, you’ll be in good hands.

How Much Does QPro POS+ Cost?



Per User / Per Month
One Time Setup and Training Fee



Per User / Per Month
One Time Setup and Training Fee

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FACT: QPro POS+ ends up costing you roughly $1.60 a day! That means that for less money than you spend on a cup of coffee, you can streamline, organize, and optimize your business!

Save Money Now, Earn Greater Profits Tomorrow

With QPro flooring business management software, you’ll be able to:

  • Streamline customer invoices and proposals
  • Manage an accurate and integrated inventory
  • Import price lists from suppliers, via fcB2B
  • Instantly job cost in real-time
  • View commissions, sales tax, and labor calculations
  • Use it alongside QuickBooks™ and off-the-shelf accounting software (if desired)
  • Do all of this AND MUCH MORE remotely, away from your office

There's no question that the benefits outnumber the costs. See for yourself what our flooring software can do for your company.

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