Have You Seen QPro 2.0? (Soon to be released!)

chris ogden

Chris Ogden, Director of Marketing
April 2022

QPro 2.0 seen on different devices

If you were at TISE this year, you might have already caught a glimpse of QPro 2.0. It is currently in the final stages of testing. I recently saw a demo, and was incredibly impressed. If you’re using QPro 1.0, you can switch over as soon as you would like, once testing is complete. (We want to do our best due diligence to ensure you don’t suddenly have speed impacted or it doesn’t introduce a gnarly bug. So we are testing extensively.)

Here’s a video that showcases 2.0.

New additions include:

Our programmers are working hard to get this new enhanced version of QPro to all of you already using the system. Watch for release notes, via email or on our Development page, to let you know when you can switch over (if desired).