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Web-Based, Retail Software for Residential Jobs

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You've got QUESTIONS. We've got ANSWERS.

Is QPro Lite the right fit for your residential store? Here are some questions we're often asked about QPro flooring retail flooring software. And if you have a question that we didn't cover here, please reach out! We'd love to hear more about your company and your needs.

  • QPro tracks and manages your operations. Automating your residential flooring business saves you valuable time, allowing you and your staff to focus on more important things.
  • It also gives you the information you need, instantly. So inventory, sales, PO's, proposals, commissions, sales tax, leads, and customer details are just a click away.
  • Most importantly, QPro allows you to grow, while still keeping your overhead low.
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With QPro's six main screens, residential flooring dealers can easily manage inventory, sales orders, job costing, POs, commissions, reports, and more all in one place.

In addition, its fcB2B features enables the elecotrinc transfer of information from manufacturers and distributors, so price lists and prodcut catalogs, are updated at a click of the mouse

QPro retail flooring software's features help dealers to increase organization, automate business processes, and easily share information throughout the system - freeing up a significant portion of their time.

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Here's the sales order screen on QPro. It is extremely intuitive, and takes only a minute to fill out.

  • For repeat clients, contact information can be saved so that it pops up for future quotes.
  • Note that the line items of the products can be expanded or collapsed, and moved around however you'd like.
  • When you select a product, it links to the inventory in your warehouse so you know how much you have and what needs to be ordered.
  • With QPro's exclusive “kit” feature, you can create (and save) pairings of products and labor. For instance, a kit could include each component you'd need to do a shower, with the appropriate labor rate. Then for future projects, you simply pull up the kit, and adapt and update. It saves a ton of time.
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Implementing job costing is essential for boosting the profitability of your retail/residential store. With QPro, this process becomes seamless.

Beforehand, all necessary information is set up within the software, so when you generate a proposal or sales order and input materials, quantities, and labor, a job costing window instantly appears ot the side. This window displays your margins—both pre and post comissions—allowing you to make immediate adjustments as needed on the fly.

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QPro Software starts at $55/month... making it the most affordable retail flooring POS software on the market. Consider this ‐ for much less than you spend on lunch each week, you can have a software system the will bring significant, long-lasting benefits to your business.

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QPro's mobility and flexibility are two of its greatest features. You can use it anywhere with an internet connection, on any device with an internet browser. So Mac or PC, phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer… QPro works with them all.

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QPro follows the sale from start to finish, and payments are applied to the job and easily tracked. Commissions and sales tax are also logged.

In addition, our optional QPay credit card processing integrates closely with QPro, and provides a long list of benefits.

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QPro offers excellent integrations with MeasureSquare estimators , and Skedit scheduling software. Both are fantastic products for retailers, and their QPro integration allows information to be shared seamlessly between the programs.

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Yes! This page talks more about how QPro integrates with QuickBooks™.

*QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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We'd love to partner with you as you grow your residential flooring business. Reach out today, and let's talk.