Affordable, User-Friendly, Game-Changing Flooring Management Software

Time-Saving Features Customized for Flooring

We don’t need to tell you that the flooring industry has some unique elements to it… quite different than, say, the corner bakery. QPro software organizes and streamlines operations for your flooring business.



Installation Company

Created with Flooring in Mind

QPro provides capabilities tailored to the unique needs of flooring businesses.
· Units and measurements specific to floor covering (square feet, square yards, linear feet, etc.).
· Automatic sales commission calculations
· Kit catalogs allow you to build “kits” with products, labor and accessories all linked together. You quickly pull up the kit, and make any necessary adaptations.
· Seamless integration with MeasureSquare estimators

Tighter Controls and More Accurate Tracking

Boost profits and lower stress with QPro’s precise, real time tracking.
· Meticulous inventory tracking
· Instant and user-friendly job costing, right on the invoice screen, allows you to know the profitability of each job before you even finalize the sale.
· Automatic sales tax and use tax corrections ensure you won’t pay too many taxes or too early. (A common problem when using generic accounting software.)
· Automatic California CARE tax tracking
· Labor tracking modules

Save Hours of Time with Electronic B2B Transfers

Import product catalogs and price lists from suppliers at the click of a button. Here’s a list of current participating B2B vendors. An industry leader providing this type of technology, QPro is continuously expanding its B2B connections and capabilities.


Optimize Operations with Technology

QPro state-of-the-art technology is powerful but user-friendly.
· Easy for staff to learn and utilize. Thus everyone in your company can benefit from the added efficiency the software delivers.
· Drag & drop invoice lines, or collapse or expand them as needed. QPro’s flexibility allows you to format and view invoices however you like.
· Browser-based technology is easily (and affordably) scalable as you grow
· API integrations allow you to use QPro with other software products